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        Noni Powder

        Model No.: FG6789
        Product Name: Noni Powder
        Product Origin: CAMEROON
        Standard: A
        Brand Name: Noni Powder
        PriceTerms: 4
        Supply Ability: 1000MT
        Detailed Product Description:

        Noni Powdre

        Packaging & Delivery
        Packaging Details
        25KG /fiber drum
        1kg/Aluminum foil bag
        Delivery Time
        2 days after your PO

        Hot sale factory supply 100% Pure Natural Noni Fruit Powder

        Hot sale factory supply 100% Pure Natural Noni Fruit Powder

        [English Name]: Noni fruit juice powder Noni Berry Powder

        [Place of Origin]: cameroon
        [Latin Name]: Morinda Citrifolia
        [Part of Use]: Fruit
        [Specification]: brown yellow powder
        [Packing]: 25kgs/drum(carton), 1kg/bag, double vacuum plastic packing (vacuum sealed foil bags) inside.
        [Shelf life]: 2 years when properly stored


        1.Noni PowderLower high blood pressure.

        2.Noni PowderEnhance cellular health and body’s immune function.

        3.Noni PowderAnti-tumor activity, owning the strong inhibitory effect on cancer cell.

        4.Noni PowderAntifatigue effect, enable glycogen content has a significant increase and increase

        the body’s exercise capacity.

        5.Noni Powder Act as anti-inflammatory and antihistamine.Reduce arthritis symptoms.

        6.Noni Powder Have anti-bacterial properties that can protect against digestive and damage.

        7.Noni fruit extract is widely used in health food, sauce, solid drink, functionality food and so on.

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