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        Noni Dried Fruit

        Model No.: CF654
        Product Name: Noni Dried Fruit
        Product Origin: CAMEROON
        Standard: A
        Brand Name: Noni Dried Fruit
        PriceTerms: 4
        Supply Ability: 1000MT
        Detailed Product Description:

        Noni Dried Fruit

        Packaging & Delivery
        Packaging Details
        As a requirement
        Delivery Time
        20 days

        Noni dried fruit slices is useful for joint pains, immune problems, pain relief, cellular regeneration and more. Noni fruit contains a number of enzymes , proteins and alkaloids that are believed to play a pivotal role in good health.It is widely used in different areas as below:

        1. Food Additives: beverage, soft drink, fruit juice,dairy products, baked foods, chew, biscuits etc.

        2. Medicines and Health care Products: capsule, oral liquid, weight loss, maintain beauty etc.

        3. Skin care products: cosmetic, shampoo, Shower Gel, Soap etc.

        Specification: Morinda citrifolia products export standard
        - Product Type: Morinda citrifolia
        - Style: Dried
        - Drying Process: AD
        - Color: Natural Brown
        Standard moisture 10-12%
        - No impurities
        - No additives
        + No SO2
        + No CO2
        - Source: Cultivated
        - Part: Whole
        - Processing Type: Raw
        - Shelf Life: 24 months
        - Place of Origin: Vietnam

        Detail image



        Currency: US Dollars

        Method of payment to be arranged by mutual agreement from the following options:


        + TT 100% in advance, TT 40% deposit / 60% after receiving fax / copy of Bill.

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