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        COCA CANDY

        Model No.: sdx22
        Product Name: COCA CANDY
        Product Origin: CAMEROON
        Standard: A
        Brand Name: COCA CANDY
        PriceTerms: 4
        Supply Ability: 1000MT
        Detailed Product Description:

        COCA CANDY

        • Packing: 90g/bag - 80bags/carton
        • Carton Size(cm) : 50 x 33 x 28
        • Shipping

          1) FCL (Full Container Load)

          We provide orders as Full Container Load with pallet or without pallet for the cost effective way.

          2) LCL (Less than Container Load)

          We provide orders as little as 1 pallet.

          3) Mix Container

          You can build a mixed container by choosing the products you require up to a pre-determined cubic measurement.

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