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        Pepsi-Cola 1893 Variety Pack

        Model No.: sdx22
        Product Name: Pepsi-Cola 1893 Variety Pack
        Product Origin: CAMEROON
        Standard: A
        Brand Name: Pepsi-Cola 1893 Variety Pack
        PriceTerms: 4
        Supply Ability: 1000MT
        Detailed Product Description:

        About the product

        • Boldly blended cola in a variety of 2 flavors-original and ginger (6 cans each)
        • Premium cola crafted from our original recipes with real kola nut extract and fair trade certified sugar
        • Original cola made with dark brown malt flavor, a touch of aromatic bitters, sparkling water and real sugar
        • Ginger cola made with kola nut extract, real ginger, sparkling water and real sugar
        • 12 ounce sleek cans, pack of 12
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