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        Goats Milk Formula for Baby

        Model No.: 65498
        Product Name: Goats Milk Formula for Baby
        Product Origin: France
        Standard: A
        Brand Name: Goats Milk Formula for Baby
        PriceTerms: 800
        Supply Ability: 2000 ton
        Detailed Product Description:

        Quick Details

        Product Type:
        Milk Powder
        Age Group:
        0 - 3 Months, 3 - 6 Months, 6 - 12 Months
        BRC, IMO, ISO
        Can (Tinned)
        Shelf Life:
        24 Months
        Brix (%):
        Purity (%):
        PH Value:
        Fineness (%):
        Fat Content (%):
        Volume (L):
        Place of Origin:
        Brand Name:

        Goat Milk based baby food is a nutritious source of calcium and protein, and a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate or who choose not to drink cow’s milk. Goat milk is naturally homogenised and has smaller fat particles, making it easy to digest. Rich in nutrients and with all the flavour of a dairy based milk.

        Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby.

        This infant formula is made from high quality goat milk. It is enriched with all required vitamins, minerals and carefully selected ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids (DHA & AA) and prebiotic fibers (GOS) to ensure that your baby gets all the nutrients that he or she needs.

        Nutrition unit Per 100g milk powder
        Energy kJ 2083
        Protein g 12.5
        Fat g 24
        Linoleic acid g 1.9
        α- Linolenic acid mg 320
        Carbohydrates g 57.8
        Vitamin A μg RE 400
        Vitamin D μg 7
        Vitamin E mg alpha tocopherol equivalent 5
        Vitamin K1 μg 35
        Vitamin B1 μg 600
        Vitamin B2 μg 800
        Vitamin B6 μg 350
        Vitamin B12 μg At 1.5
        Niacinamide μg 3500
        Folic acid μg 70
        Pantothenic acid μg 3500
        Vitamin C mg 65
        Biotin μg 15
        Calcium mg 330
        phosphorus mg 220
        Potassium mg 370
        Magnesium mg 32
        Sodium mg 120
        Iron mg 4
        Zinc mg : 3.5
        Iodine μg 65
        Selenium μg 15
        Copper μg 350
        Manganese μg 50
        Chlorine mg 315
        Choline mg 80
        Inositol mg 50
        L-carnitine mg 8
        DHA mg 20
        AA mg 40
        DOG mg 700
        FOS mg 400
        Casein phosphopeptides mg 56
        Lactoferrin mg 30

        Why choose us

        Easy to digest

        Calcium for healthy bones

        Protein for healthy muscles

        Great for those with cow’s milk intolerance

        Packaging & Shipping

        Available in 1, 2, 3 stages 400g/piece, 15 pieces/Carton

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