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        Topfer milk powder

        Model No.: 1234221
        Product Name: Topfer milk powder
        Product Origin: France
        Standard: A
        Brand Name: Topfer milk powder
        PriceTerms: 6
        Supply Ability: 2000 ton
        Detailed Product Description:

        Packaging Details
        20 x 4.5 x 13
        Delivery Time
        3 working days


        The gentle process ensures that most of the valuable nutrients are conserved. Therefore the cereals are well tolerate for baby

        Rice Porridge
        -After the 4th month
        -Suitable as part of a mixed diet
        -Good to digest
        -No artificial flavors and no added colors and preservatives (according to law)
        -With milk and rice from organic agriculture
        -With probiotic bifido

        Bubur Nasi
        -Sesuai untuk bayi yang berumur 4 bulan ke atas.
        -Sesuai sebagai sebahagian daripada diet yang bercampur-campur
        -Baik untuk pencernaan
        -Tiada perasa tiruan dan tiada warna ditambah dan bahan pengawet (mengikut undang-undang)
        -Dengan susu dan beras daripada pertanian organik
        -Dengan bifido probiotik
        -Bebas Gluten

        we have many types of porridge cereal,tea,formula milk & organic milk, & cosmetics for baby.

        All is Topfer brand and all of our product is natural certified cosmetics & organics.

        We are looking for distributor for our product that we carried to be placed in retailing / shopping complex such as tesco,aeon,carrefour,giant & other related organics shops.

        Those who are interest please let me know,i will send the email introducing our company &information about the products, that we imported.


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